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Body on Beach

Body Discovered at Marblehead Beach

Earlier this afternoon, Eleanor Tomlinson, whose home on Marblehead’s Edgemere Road abuts a beach overlooking Salem’s harbor, was going for her daily walk with her dog. “Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a skull,” she told Marblehead Beacon. “It was an intact skeleton, as far as arms and legs,” she says, and initially she thought it might be something Halloween related. “I climbed back up the rocks, went inside, and called 911,” she said, noting that she told the police there was not an emergency because the body “was very dead.”


While awaiting the arrival of the police, she stood with a neighbor. “When the officer came down,” she said, “he placed a call” after which many more officers as well as the coroner showed up, and the area was quickly cordoned off. A body bag could be seen being wheeled into the coroner’s vehicle. 


There has been no information released about the possible identity of the body. Just last month a man in his thirties went missing from the Salem Willows area, but it is not known if the body discovered today was that of a male or female, or the approximate age of the person found today. 


This is a developing story.