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June 17-21, 2022: $1.5 Million Figurines, Kids Hanging Out Sunroof, OUI + Firearm, and More

Marblehead Beacon is pleased to introduce the police log to our readers. All information is obtained from the Marblehead Police Department. Please note: 

  • Police Chief Dennis King, who began serving Marblehead in August of 2021, spoke with Marblehead Beacon recently and noted that he is committed to following the law in its entirety with regard to providing access to accurate police logs. Under his leadership, however, the MPD will no longer include as much detail as was provided previously, and will offer only that which constitutes compliance with public records laws.
  • Marblehead Beacon, as is customary with reporting on police logs, will highlight certain events for publication. We will seek out additional pertinent information and publish our findings as available. 


June 17, 2022

Allerton Pl.: Eviction warrant served by constable

Tioga Way: Scam call

Longview Dr. + Tedesco St.: Landscape truck hazard

Essex St. + Pleasant St.: Traffic back-up

Pleasant St.: Scam Medicare calls

Hawkes St: Minor motor vehicle accident

Evans Rd.: Kayak taken from yard

Atlantic Ave.: Motor vehicle stop (verbal warning given)

Atlantic Ave. + Beach St.: Moving motor vehicle complaint

Barnard St. + Prospect St.: Motor vehicle crash 

Pleasant St.: Motor vehicle stop (verbal warning given)

Rockaway Ave.; Bradlees End; Village St.: Assistance given to citizens

Washington St.: Alarm testing

Gerry St.: Found plate


June 18, 2022

Arlington Ave.: (Beverly) Be On the Lookout (BOLO)

Fort Sewall Ln.: Firing a cannon

Hawkes St.: Neighbor beating on walls

Barnard St.: False alarm

First St.: Salem BOLO

Ocean Ave. + Flint St.: Kids hanging out of sunroof (verbal warning given)

Pond St.: Found phone

Community Rd.: False alarm

Atlantic Ave. + Seaview Ave.: Assist other agency

Pilgrim Rd.: Burglary/Breaking & Entering

Manley St.: Friends of Marblehead Public Schools event, services rendered

Margin St., Salem: Assist other agency

Selman St. + Front St.: Moving vehicle complaint

Pleasant St.: General complaint

Village Street; Wyman St.; Pleasant St.; Humphrey St.; Stramski St.; Community Rd.; Atlantic Ave.; Baldwin Rd.: Property checks

Front St; Humphrey St.: False alarms


June 19, 2022

West Shore Dr.: Possible earlier burglary; home owner was prepping his home to move and called police when he realized two Chinese figurines were missing. He estimated their value to be $1.5 million. Later that day the home owner located them.

Lincoln Pk.: Unknown people in home

West Shore Dr.: Vehicle hits parked car (Fire/Ambulance w/Police)

Harbor Ave.: Assist other agency

Ocean Ave.: Found Chase card

Atlantic Ave. + Wyman Rd.: Found Capital One card

Arthur Ave.: Threats

Ruby Ave; Pleasant St.: General complaint

Arnold Terr.: Water gushing down hill

Pleasant St.: Suspicious activity (deemed unfounded)

Tedesco St.; Atlantic Ave., Washington St.: Burglar alarms


June 20, 2022

Ballast Lane: 911 hang-up

Prospect St.; Atlantic Ave.: General complaint

Lafayette St. Well-being check (Fire Dept. w/police)

Waterside Rd.: Vandalism

Village St.: Sign creates blind spot

Green St. Ct.: Motorcycle cover stolen

Ocean Meadow Lane: Suspicious activity 

Hawkes St.: Instagram account hacked

Commercial St. + Atlantic Ave.: Bikes on sidewalk

Ocean Ave.: Rude bicyclists

Washington St.: Motor vehicle crash

Atlantic Ave.: Lost Greenlight card

Stramski Way x2; Ft. Sewell Ln. x2; Community Rd., Atlantic Ave.: Property checks

Washington St.; Humphrey: Burglar alarms


June 21, 2022

Woodfin Terrace: Person sees smoke compactor

Humphrey St.; Washington St.; Market Sq.: Voting polls calls

Lafayette St. + Widger Rd.: Motor vehicle stop

Elm St. + Harris St.; Atlantic Ave. + Smith St.: General complaints

Pleasant St.: Lost/stolen wallet

Community Rd. + Atlantic Ave.: Car rolled into parked car

Garden St.: Found wallet

Darling St.; Pond St.: General Information

Pickwick Rd.: Notice of license loss

Nanepashemet St.: Annoying phone calls

Elm St. + Green St.: Truck pulled wire down

Atlantic Ave. + Gerry St.: Lost green-rimmed glasses

West Shore Dr. + Lorraine Terr.: Downed wire

Essex St.: Disturbance

Washington St. (Lynn): Out-of-town 911 call

Market Sq.: 911 hang-up

Darling St.: Parking issue

Broughton Rd.: False report

Pleasant St.: Man staggering (could not locate)

Tongan Way (changed to Beringer Way): Noise complaint

Atlantic Ave. + Gerry St.: Debris in road (unfounded)

Lafayette St. + Humphrey St.: Arrest for OUI-Liquor; Firearm, Intoxicated licensee carry; drug possession: Class A

Pleasant St.: Motor vehicle stop (verbal warning) 

Wyman Rd.; Ft. Sewall Ln.; Community Rd.; Atlantic Ave.: Property checks

Front St.; Euclid Ave.; Ocean Ave.; Foster St.: Burglar alarms


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