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A Lululemon Fanny Pack, “Emo” Standoff, & Dueling Trash Trucks 

Police Log July 24 to August 8, 2022


July 24




July 25




July 26


At approximately 10:20 AM officers responded to Bernard Hawkes Court for a call about vandalism in one of the units. A Housing Authority employee said he was showing the unit and noticed that it had been vandalized. Across the walls, refrigerator, and toilet there were words, symbols, and drawings in permanent black marker. Some referenced a newly elected Housing Authority member and some included anti-gay and anti-Hispanic slurs and art. Police noted that on the mailbox outside the unit, to which a sticker promoting that member was affixed, a symbol similar to one seen inside was visible. [Editor's Note: Marblehead Beacon altered the photos to omit the name of a targeted individual.]




An elderly woman was observed leaving after having backed into a vehicle and causing damage in Village Plaza. A witness provided police with her license plate. When the police went to her house she said she didn’t remember hitting a car but that it was possible. Her passenger also did not think she’d hit a car. 


July 27


At approximately 7:00 PM police were dispatched to the area of Coffin School for the report of a broken window. They came upon a number of juveniles who said that a group had been hanging out together in that area when one girl threw something at the window causing it to shatter, and that people had fled. They showed police a photo of the girl and described her shirt. They also offered to stay and clean up. The police located a girl fitting the description but her shirt did not match what had been described. Police asked her if she’d turned her shirt inside-out, which she at first denied but later admitted. She said she didn’t mean to break the window but had just been throwing something against the wall. 


July 28


At approximately 11:00 AM police were dispatched to Harbor Ave for the report of a smashed car window. The damage looked consistent with either a BB gun strike or a rock possibly propelled by a lawn mower.


July 29


A driver trying to parallel park hit a legally parked car on Front Street at approximately 3:15 PM.


July 30


At approximately 3:10 PM a woman came back to her car that had been parked in a parking lot on Front Street. A note had been left saying someone had hit her and providing the license plate information. Police followed up with the individual associated with the plate number, and he stated that he had hit the car, but went home to get a pen and paper to leave a note. He claimed that when he returned the car was gone. 




Police responded to the report of a truck fire. When they arrived at the intersection of Gilbert Heights Lane and Ocean Avenue the driver told them that smoke had started to billow from his truck while driving and when he pulled over and got out, the car was quickly engulfed in flames. 


July 31


A vehicle backed up in the Boston Yacht Club parking lot and hit and damaged another vehicle. 


August 1


At approximately 9:15 AM police were dispatched to Lincoln Avenue for the report of a vehicle crash with injuries involving trash trucks. A JRM Recycling truck was stopped on Lincoln Park at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue, and a Cruger Trucking truck was parked opposite it. The JRM employee was holding his right wrist but said he was okay and was tended to by Marblehead Fire and Atlantic Ambulance. The Cruger employee and his passenger spoke to police and said that they had been behind the JRM truck while it was picking up curbside trash. When the JRM truck prepared to turn left onto Lincoln Ave, the Cruger truck driver said he attempted to drive by. He stated that, as he did so, a JRM employee who had stepped off the back of the truck struck the Cruger truck’s passenger side mirror, causing the glass to break and the mirror to fold in. The Cruger truck passenger confirmed this story. 


The JRM employee stated that he was attempting to assist his truck in backing up when the Cruger truck had tried to drive by. He’d put up his arm to ask the Cruger truck to stop, and said his wrist was struck by the mirror. He denied that he had intentionally hit the mirror. 


Police inquired at a nearby location with exterior cameras, and the owner played the footage of the incident, showing the JRM employee winding up and smashing the passenger-side mirror with his right hand. 




A woman came into the police station to report that her Lululemon fanny pack had been stolen with a Tesla key, money, and gift cards inside. She also noted that she had a GPS device in the fanny pack. It had originally registered in Salem but then moved close to her home on Evans Road. Police went to the address on Evans Road and she met them there. They knocked on the door of the neighbor whose house was located near the apparent fanny pack location. The resident did not have it. So police ran the plate of a nearby car and found it registered to the woman who owned the fanny pack. She said that car was indeed hers and that her husband drove it. The fanny pack was located inside the car.




An Amazon package containing $9.00 worth of merchandise was stolen from the front porch of an Elm Street home. 




Police were dispatched to Richdale Convenience Store at approximately 10:00 PM where the owner stated that a young man had taken two 12-packs of White Claw and attempted to run out the door. He ran into a locked door, which caused the White Claw box to break open. The minor and his friend were barred from coming back to the store. 




A person on Lucia Road attempted to file for unemployment only to learn that her identity had been stolen and someone had already filed for unemployment under her name and with her Social Security number. 


August 2


A vehicle driving down Atlantic Avenue was not able to slow down in time to stop when the driver in front of him stopped to let a pedestrian walk across the crosswalk. Consequently the first driver swerved and hit a tree.




Police were dispatched to the National Grand Bank’s parking lot. A man said that when he had tried to back out of a parking spot his foot had slipped from the brake and hit the accelerator. He hit a building on Sewall Street and damaged it along with some landscaping. 


August 3




August 4


A town truck that was legally parked on Atlantic Avenue was hit by a car and damaged. 


August 5


A vehicle was traveling West on Pleasant Street and another was traveling south in the alley driveway behind Village Plaza. The driver of the car in the alley did not see the car on Pleasant Street and pulled out, striking the other vehicle.. Both cars were damaged.


August 6




August 7




August 8


A woman on Schooner Ridge told police that her personal information had been stolen and someone had used her Social Security number to apply for unemployment benefits. The person obtained a driver’s license with all the stolen information but a different photo.




At approximately 7:10 PM police were dispatched to Bernard Hawkes Court and Hawkes Street for the report of two young females who had shot others with a BB gun and threatened them with a knife. When the police arrived, the girls started to run but stopped and returned at the request of the police. Asked to hand over the BB gun, one girl (a juvenile) took out a black plastic gun with the orange tip removed. It was not capable of firing shots. Asked about the knife, she said she didn’t have one and that the boys had started things by calling them “emos” and making fun of them. The police spoke to the other group, who said that the opposite was actually true–that the girls were making fun of them–and that in fact one of the girls did have a switchblade but had gone back to her house to put it away prior to the police’s arrival. Four other witnesses corroborated this claim. Police went to the girl’s house and spoke with her mother, who said her daughter did not have a knife. The mother stepped back into her house saying she’d check at the police’s request, and came back to say there was no knife.  




20 verbal warnings or citations for moving violations were issued between July 24 and August 9, 2022.


Editor’s Note: Marblehead Beacon highlights certain events for publication, which include information obtained from incident and arrest reports, and on occasion from court documents. We do not attest to the veracity of anything contained in such documents, and only publish redacted versions of what are matters of public record. There will be little to no information regarding specifics in cases of domestic violence, matters pertaining to juveniles, incidents in which an individual is taken into protective custody, and select matters that remain under police investigation