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Abbot Hall

Marblehead Runs Out of Ballots Before Voting Ends

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UPDATED: 9:51 AM (6/22/22): One couple at Abbot Hall said the photocopied ballots they were given weren't easily usable beacuse the limited light made it hard to see. Additionally, they noted that the ballots were just sitting in a box "that seemed not secure."


Another voter walked away saying, "terrible."


One voter found the whole experience "fine" and had no gripes with the way things went, while another voter told Marblehead Beacon that with respect to voting, for her it was fine but she could see how access-wise it might have been more difficult to others.


In multiple polling places around Marblehead, there was a shortage of ballots yesterday afternoon and evening. One voter at a the Community Center said, "I just voted on a photo copy, and a poor one at that." 


Ballots had to be photocopied and then could not be scanned into the machines, requiring the hand counting of those ballots. This delayed official results.


It is unclear if there will be legal or other challenges to the photocopied ballots. 




Stay tuned as this story unfolds.