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Abbot Hall Marblehead

Jenny Armini Wins 8th Essex State Rep Race

UPDATE: 9/7/22 10:40 AM In the race for Essex Count District Attorney, the Associated Press called the race for Paul Tucker at 9:27 AM this morning, with Tucker winning approximately 56% of the votes cast compared to 44% for his opponent James O'Shea.


UPDATE: 11:26 PM Unofficial results updated to include early/absentee ballots from Marblehead:

Marblehead Results Updated


UPDATE: 11:09 PM Marblehead Beacon can report that rival candidates Terri Tauro, Doug Thompson, and Polly Titcomb have called Jenny Armini to offer their congratulations on her victory.


UPDATE: 10:14 PM Jenny Armini tells Marblehead Beacon: "This campaign has been the honor of a lifetime. I look forward to working every day for the people of Marblehead, Swampscott, and Lynn."


UPDATE: 10:07 PM Marblehead Beacon can report that Tristan Smith, the presumed runner up in the 8th Essex State Representative race, called Jenny Armini but did not concede, preferring to wait for official results to be posted.


UPDATE: 9:36PM With early and absentee ballots from Marblehead precincts five and six included, Armini's lead has increased by an additional 57 votes. 

Jenny Armini and Daughter on Election Night
Jenny Armini & Daughter - Election Night


UPDATE: 9:27 PM Swampscott and Lynn vote totals below include all early and absentee voting. Some early and absentee votes from Marblehead are not yet included. As of 9:27 PM, votes tallied from precincts one through four in Marblehead have added 251 votes to Armini's lead. 


UPDATE: Marblehead Beacon Projects Jenny Armini Wins 8th Essex State Representative Race


8th Essex State Representative Results


UPDATE: Swampscott Results

Swampscott Results


UPDATE: Marblehead Results as of 8:40 PM.

Marblehead Results


UPDATE: Marblehead Results as of 8:32 PM. Still waiting on results from Precincts 4 and 5.


Marblehead Results


This past June, Marblehead Beacon was the only local news outlet providing timely, accurate, and comprehensive coverage of the local election and its aftermath. We plan to do the same for today’s primary. Please be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently for updates. We will be focusing on outcomes in the 8th Essex District, which is comprised of Marblehead, Swampscott, and two wards of Lynn. Ballots throughout Essex County and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts close tonight at 8:00 PM.


In the two Lynn wards that are part of the 8th Essex District, Marblehead Beacon has learned that 605 absentee ballots were requested, of which 411 have been returned thus far. Lynn, Marblehead, and Swampscott all report that they are counting absentee and early voting ballots during the course of the day today and expect to be able to post results this evening soon after polls close. Ballot counts are expected to come in fairly quickly, barring ballot issues like those that transpired in June’s election


The main local race to watch this evening is between the six candidates seeking to fill the state representative seat formerly occupied by Lori Ehrlich. The winner of this race has no Republican opponent in November’s general election.


The candidates for state representative in the 8th Essex District are:


Jenny Armini, Diann Slavit Baylis, Tristan Smith, Terri Tauro, Doug Thompson, and Polly Titcomb


Other contested races in Essex County include:


Sheriff Candidates Kevin Coppinger (incumbent) and Virginia Leigh

District Attorney Candidates James O’Shea and Paul Tucker


We will be updating this story throughout the late afternoon and evening with additional information and will report on voting results as they become available. Stay tuned!